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cfb6c9e8350f26fac5c85481db709b5fNews leading: Whether a layman of watch or not, it is safe to choice Rolex as their watches. Statistics shows that Rolex is the priority for two third of Chinese people as their first high-end luxury wrist watch. As the representatives of superiority in durability and accuracy, counterfeit Rolexes flood the watch market and varied greatly. Would you like to be a qualified and wise consumer, follow us going for it!

Advices for distinguishing the true from the false when you are making a purchase on a Swiss watch, taking Rolex 116610LV as an example

First, a complete set of accessories of replica rolex should be included. A piece of watch, a global warranty card, watchcase, some product instructions, a green rectangle tag printed the model of watch and bracelet, and a round, brown plum-flower tag with COSC certification and commercial maintenance warranty and vice versa.

Second, disposable stickers should be applied. A new watch may be tried on many times, while the tickers should be left intact. The watch frame covered with protective film, a square QR code on the left side, bracelet, and buckle and so pasted with disposable stickers on both side, it will be difficult to restore to factory state once torn. If the stickers’ shapes are irregular or torn, it may be counterfeit and vice versa.

Third, checking the crystal is important. Observing whether there is scratches, dopant, complete index, equally luminous indication straight head and a small crown logo right on 12 o’clock position or not and SN number on 6 o’clock position are lined with warranty reference play an important part.

Fourth, the pattern on watch-head means a lot. The pattern is round shape like a smiling mouth, while the counterfeit is a closed-mouth smiling face due to the bad craft. The distinction makes it easily obvious through comparison. so rolex submariner replica is your best choice

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